Tape measure shots

The Red Sox are wrapping up their first batting practice session of the spring, the group including Alex Cora, David Ortiz, and Wily Mo Pena drawing the largest crowd of spectators by far.

Pena and Ortiz put on a show with the lumber, Pena knocking a few into the lagoon beyond the chain-link fence, water splashing visible in the distance, and Ortiz prompting a few reporters to roughly measure the distance of a couple of tape-measure shots that landed just in front of the media trailers with a step-by-step measurement (about 440 feet). A couple of errant balls from another field hit the NESN set during this morning’s taping of The Boston Globe: Sportsplus.


Meanwhile, Coco Crisp shed the batting gloves he wore in the offseason and took an extended BP session, showing no lingering effects on the index finger that marred his debut season with the Red Sox.

Crisp will give the finger a rest this afternoon, electing not to take part in the team’s charity golf tournament.

“I’m a worse golfer than Charles Barkley,” Crisp said.

J.C. Romero, Mike Timlin, Joel Piniero, Julian Tavarez, and Manny Delcarmen were among the hurlers to throw live BP, Timlin and Adam Bernero drawing the Pena-Ortiz field. Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein watched newcomers Romero and Brendan Donnelly toss pitches to Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell, and JD Drew.

Eric Hinske took grounders at third base with Lowell this morning. Hinske came into the AL with the Blue Jays as a full-time third baseman, but has only played 10 games at the position (all last season with Toronto) since 2004.

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