Q&A with Manny’s agent

Manny’s agent, Greg Genske, answered questions about his client in a frequently tense question-and-answer session with the media that lasted about eight and a half minutes. Among the highlights:

  • He refused to give any details about the health of Ramirez’s mother other than to say she had a “very, very serious medical issue in the offseason.” He would not disclose when she had surgery, even though a reporter pointed out it would make a difference whether it was in November or if it was 10 days ago.
  • Both Genske and Gene Matos, Manny’s other agent, claimed to have no knowledge of a classic car auction in Atlantic City over the weekend. Promoters of that auction had advertised that Ramirez would make an appearance Saturday.
  • Genske said that he did not have any conversations with the Red Sox regarding a possible trade of Ramirez.
  • Genske also would not respond to a question about last season that cited respected ESPN report Peter Gammons’ opinion that Ramirez “went on vacation last August.” Genske said only: “I’m not going to comment on someone else’s opinion.”

    When asked what his opinion was about last season, Genske said, “I’m not going to talk about last season.”

  • Genske added that Manny’s knee is fine. Matos said it is not a chronic condition.
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