Action in Lakeland

Action in Lakeland

Terry Francona (left) yells as Tigers hitting coach Lloyd McClendon (second from left) holds back Todd Jones as he argues with Sox third base coach DeMarlo Hale. (AP Photo)

LAKELAND, Fla. – A little action here in Lakeland.

With one out in the fifth, Tigers closer Todd Jones was tossed by home plate umpire Larry Vanover after he threw one pitch tight to J.D. Drew and the other behind him.

Jones appeared to be responding to Sox starter Josh Beckett hitting both Gary Sheffield (shoulder) and Magglio Ordonez (helmet) with pitches. Ordonez had to come out of the game, though he was hit with a breaking pitch.


Jim Leyland was also jawing with Vanover on the mound when he went out to call for a new pitcher. While Leyland was screaming at Vanover, Sox third base coach Demarlo Hale started screaming at Leyland.

Hale and Leyland made a move toward one another when the dugouts and bullpens emptied. While there was a little pushing the scrum soon turned into a hugging session. After all, it’s spring training for godsakes.

Both Jones and Leyland were ejected, but no one from the Red Sox was tossed.

Sheffield was hit with a fastball off the left shoulder in the first inning and didn’t seem very happy. He stared out at Beckett, but took his base. Ordonez lay sprawled at home plate for a few moments before getting up. He left the game for precautionary reasons.

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