Manny speaks!

It’s not Manny’s grill.

Or so he told me just a few minutes ago in the Red Sox clubhouse in the first words spoken to any member of the media this spring. The eBay ad that has been circulating today is affiliated with the Sox slugger, he just doesn’t own it. Apparently it belongs to his neighbor, who he’s trying to help out by standing for a photo with the grill, which is advertised as being Ramirez’s on the popular web site. Bids are up to about $4,550 for the Jenn-Air grill.

Though Ramirez indicated that he was not interested in baseball questions, he did speak to his personality, to his reasons for not speaking with the media, and his happiness just playing the game.


He said he’ll be happy to talk after his retirement, though he would not offer any guesses as to when that would be.

“I’m just here to play the game and enjoy it,” Ramirez said. “[I enjoy] my life. All the things that I do I enjoy. I’m not here to talk to [the media]. I’m here to play the game.

“That’s me, you know. The same. Everywhere I go is the same.”

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