Meat loaf, anyone?

Cool, I’m not … but then, you already knew that.

Yet another illustration of that fact came this morning, when the following conversation took place with Devil Rays manager Joe Maddon.

Maddon: Our pitching has been really good. We’re pitching to contact, the 1-1 concept is there, trying to meat loaf them through the first three pitches, and for the most part, I think we have.

Me: You say you’re trying to “meat loaf?” I don’t know that expression.

Maddon: “Two out of three ain’t bad. If you get two strikes out of your first three pitches, that’s what we’re trying to do. So the first pitch strike doesn’t have as much import as the first three do. So if you miss with the first pitch, you still can come back with two strikes in the first three pitches.”


Me: But what does that have to do with meat loaf?

Maddon: Meat Loaf song.

Marc Topkin, St. Pete Times: Have you heard of the Beatles?

Maddon: ’77, ’78, ’79, somewhere around there.

Me: I was thinking of meat loaf. You know, Emeril or something.

Maddon: I think Marie Callenders, they have the better meat loafs.

OK, then.

Sox lead the Devil Rays, 1-0. Manny Ramirez knocked in the only run with an opposite field hit. Coco Crisp is playing, has a hit and stole second with a head-first dive. No fears of aggravating his shoulder, evidently.

It’s a bullpen game for the Sox staff. Devern Hansack pitched the first three, Hideki Okajima followed with two scoreless.

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