National media arriving

KANSAS CITY – National writers are starting to trickle into Kansas City for the Dice-K event.

Already seen are Paul White from USA Today, Jack Curry from the New York Times, Tom Singer from, Japanese reporters everywhere. It’s pretty cold – about 44 degrees right now. At 5 p.m. Eastern time we’ll visit with Terry Francona who will go over any pregame news.

Dice-K is not expected to speak the day before he starts (he’s pitching tomorrow afternoon). He had the same routine in Japan.

Other stuff:

  • George Brett has gone to the Masters after making an Opening Day appearance here, which included throwing BP. He said a few words and phrases in Japanese to Dan Shaughnessy that he learned from the 1981 major league baseball tour in Japan.
  • Sox publicist John Blake just put out a release on improvements at Fenway, including Conig’s Corner in right. Nice touch in memory of my all-time favorite Red Sox player.
  • The Japanese TV networks snuck into Kaufmann Stadium on Tuesday to get footage of Matsuzaka. The Sox workout was supposed to be closed to the media, but the cameras and reporters hung out in the grassy knoll area in center field and got what they needed.
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