Schilling’s take

The tone of Curt Schilling’s latest blog entry (posted early this morning) was decidedly more upbeat after the Sox starter pitched a gem last night in Texas.

He described his outing in detail, praised Jonathan Papelbon, and commented on the team’s 3-3 start to the season.

Some excerpts:

  • ”I certainly felt better warming up than I did 6 days ago. We worked on some stuff, both physical and mental, over the last 5 days to try and get things moving in the right direction. My number one concern coming out of KC was the absence of fastball command. My other stuff was horrid in KC but none of that really factored in when I couldn’t locate my fastball.”
  • ”I definitely feel the command is now better, which is huge from a confidence standpoint. Knowing I can throw my fastball to either corner changes everything about my approach and thought process. Funny thing is, or not so funny depending on your vantage point, that it can come and go in a pitch.”
  • ”This much I know. The next five days will be a hell of a lot easier to head to the park than the last five were. When you have to sit on an outing as bad as the one in KC for five days it eats at you. I’d love to tell you I just shrug it off and move on but I don’t. They certainly don’t eat at me like they did when I was 28, but they still linger until you get a good one and a win under your belt.”
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