Timlin in

Mike Timlin is in for his first regular-season work of the season in mop-up duty. Jason Ellison lofted a pop up that dropped by the first-base line to put him on first base. But he struck out Willie Bloomquist for the first out of the inning, and followed that with a fly out to Coco Crisp, and a walk to Raul Ibanez. Then he allowed a Wall double to Richie Sexson that cleared the bases to bring the score to 14-3. But Wily Mo Pena collected a warning track shot to right to end the game. Wasn’t exactly Timlin’s sharpest performance.


But game over, 14-3 win for the Sox in a surprising short opening day game, given the score and the brawl(ish).

We’re all headed en masse to the clubhouses. I’ll try to provide another update or two after the game, especially if Brendan Donnelly has something interesting to say. May have to edit out a few expletive on that one, as Donnelly isn’t exactly known for his PG-rated speech.

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