Matsuzaka translated

The following is a transcript of Daisuke Matsuzaka’s postgame interview session with the Japanese media. Translated by the Globe’s Daigo Fujiwara.

Q. What is on your mind after your second win of the season?

A. It resulted in a win, and that is good for the team and myself, but … [I did not pitch well.] After my last start at Toronto, the team was winning, and I could feel how much the fans in Boston wanted this, I didn’t want to be the one to stop the winning streak. In all of my four starts so far, my command of pitches was not there. Other starts, I was able to adjust in the game, but this particular start, I couldn’t.


Q. How do you feel after facing the Yankees and their hitters?

A. The Yankees have some great hitters, as you all know, and they will hit your mistakes. They don’t make too many hitting mistakes. So I had less margin of error. I was focusing on getting each batter out. To face that caliber of hitters, as a pitcher, is a great challenge that I look forward to. It is a great motivation. I enjoyed it very much. Next time, though, I hope to get results to go with my enjoyment.

Q. Was it special that you won against the Yankees?

A. Sure, it was special that my first win at Fenway was against the Yankees. But I wished that my pitching performance was better. They are in the same division, I am sure I will face them more.

Q. It was the first sweep of Yankees at Fenway in 17 years, did you know that?

A. I didn’t know while I was pitching. I was told after the game.

Q. What was your thought in the eighth inning, when the bases loaded?

A. I had faith in my teammates, [I thought that standing ovation in the 8th was for Hideki Okajima] and for [Dustin] Pedroia [for his diving catch]. It was a great play and I was simply happy and grateful.


Q. You hit A-Rod and Jeter with a pitch, could you talk about that?

A. Those guys are great hitters. Especially A-Rod has been red hot lately, I knew I had to pitch them inside. Obviously, I didn’t mean to hit them.

Q. What about the four home runs in a row that the Red Sox hit?

A. As I was watching them in the bench, especially when the third, and then fourth home run happened, I had a hard time keeping my cool. I couldn’t have imagined something like that could happen in the game that I was pitching.

Q. Did you ask the manager to pitch the eighth inning?

A. He asked me if I could go, and I said “of course I can.” I really wanted to get [A-Rod] out, but couldn’t. I couldn’t live up to my manager’s expectations, who let me go out there. I was disappointed that I let my team down.

Q. There were a lot of cut fastballs.

A. I too noticed that he [Jason Varitek] was calling more cutters than usual. He probably liked what he saw. I had a good feel of it and more velocity than usual.

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