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Red Sox Nation is walking with a noticeable spring in it step today after sweeping the Yankees at Fenway Park over the weekend, but how is New York reacting to being on the other side of the three losses? The fact that the Yankees were leading in each of those games has to add an extra sting.

A recap of reaction from New York, from both the newspapers and a sampling of fan blogs:

New York Post back cover* From the New York Post’s George King:

“How do you think The Boss liked seeing Chase Wright give up four straight homers and flush an early lead? What must Steinbrenner be thinking watching the highest paid team in baseball employ a battery of Colter Bean and Wil Nieves? Before Josh Phelps was forced behind the plate for the first time in six years? And how about the gutsy effort turned in by Daisuke Matsuzaka, the pitcher the Red Sox out-bid the Yankees for last winter? Finally, you know The Boss is hissed at being four games behind the AL-East leading Red Sox with a week remaining in the first month.


“As bad as your Monday is, [Brian] Cashman’s will be worse.”

New York Daily News back cover* From New York Daily News columnist John Harper:

“Two collapses in three games in this series, however, could be cause for alarm. For that matter, the Yankees’ biggest concern may be keeping the pen from burning out by Memorial Day.

“It’s not all Joe Torre’s fault, no matter how many fans want to blame him for overusing the bullpen. Torre has been too quick to go to the pen at times, no question, and he was quick on Friday night to go back on his word about using Mariano Rivera in the eighth inning.

“But with rookie starters getting pounded in back-to-back games here these last two days, Torre was a manager under siege last night.

“He was so desperate, after the Sox lit up Chase Wright with a spectacular fireworks display, sending four consecutive rockets over the wall in the third inning, that Torre let Andy Pettitte pitch an inning in relief for the second time this season. But even a scoreless inning from Pettitte couldn’t save the day.”

“A-Rod’s brilliance has allowed the Yankees to survive all of their pitching problems. If he’s out of miracles, look out below.”


* We found the results of this poll posted on the Daily News website pretty humorous:

What do you think of the Yankees getting swept?

I’m devastated – 14%
They lost because of all the injuries – 38%
I’m glad – I hate the Yankees – 48%

New York Newsday back cover* From New York Newsday’s Wallace Matthews, who found a silver lining for Yankees fans:

“It was a night that could easily be seen as disastrous: As a team, the Yankees suffered a fate they hadn’t seen in 17 years, and as an individual, their starting pitcher, Chase Wright, suffered an indignity not incurred on an American League pitcher since JFK was alive. They fell a game under .500 and four games off the pace in the AL East. The same way they took a season away from the Red Sox with a five-game sweep here last August, they must now be wondering if the Red Sox have begun the process of taking this season away from them.

“Yet, this was anything but a lost weekend at Fenway for the Yankees, who dropped three games here for the first time since the 1960 season but picked up a very important bit of information for future reference:

“They can hit Dice-K.”


“On a weekend of despair in Boston, the Yankees leave with one small hope: In Dice-K, they may have found a new Pedro.”

* From the Subway Squakers fan blog:

“I think I’ve figured Joe [Torre]’s bullpen madness out. My theory is he’s got a bingo machine set up in the clubhouse, with balls with the numbers of each reliever on them. Of course, Scott Proctor and Luiz Vizcaino’s numbers are in there multiple times. So he spins the machine, and picks the pitcher. How else to explain long relief man Sean Henn pitching the eighth? Or Scott Proctor facing Manny Ramirez, who owns him? And why is Mike Myers on the roster if he’s not going to face David Ortiz for the second day in a row? Or how about Bruney, who should be much higher in the depth chart, pitching the fifth inning Saturday? B-I-N-G-O and Torre was his name-oh!”


* From the Replacement Level Yankees Weblog:

“You never feel good about a sweep. You never feel slightly less than awful about it. The Yanks certainly couldn’t ‘afford’ to get swept by Boston this week, and despite everything you can say about what was expected this weekend and what it really says about this team, the Yankees spent three of their losses this weekend, and they’ll need to steal at least a couple of wins somewhere else now, while hoping Boston gives back a couple, too.”

* From the Yanks Fan vs. Sox Fan blog, which put it succinctly:

“A Friendly Reminder: To everyone, [Sox fans] and [Yankees fans] alike: it’s April.”

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