Ramirez beats Ramirez

In the battle of Ramirezes, Manny Ramirez hit a two-run home run off Horacio Ramirez in the fourth inning with Coco Crisp aboard to give the Sox a 7-5 lead.

It was a shot that cleared The Monster with a lot of steam.

It was Manny’s 474th career homer.

He was 6 for 12 in his previous three games and has shown signs of being the Manny of old. He sure showed that in the first inning when he provided comic relief in the stressful first inning with a basket catch of Jose Lopez’s flyball.

You figured it was just a matter of time. Very similar to Gary Sheffield, who hit .119 over the first 17 games and has gone 14 for 32 since getting a day off April 22.


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