This Bud’s For You

Just got off the phone with Commissioner Bud Selig, who is absolutely fascinated with Daisuke Matsuzaka. Selig wanted to hear all about Dice-K’s struggles in the first inning and what the potential reasons for that might be.
I didn’t have much to offer, other than he tends to lose focus for one inning every game. Don’t know if the strike zone is still foreign to him and he’s getting used to different umpires. Who knows?
But Dice-K found himself down 5-zip and before you know it, he was tied 5-5. That’s because Horacio Ramirez was on the hill for the M’s.
Have to admit, at the time when Atlanta swung the deal for Rafael Soriano at the winter meetings for Ramirez I said what a steal for the Braves. I don’t think I’ve changed my mind on this after watching Ramirez cough up a 5-run lead.
Julio Lugo doubled in a pair of runs, David Ortiz singled in another. Wily Mo Pena, subbing for the recovering (from stomach illness) J.D. Drew, also singled in one as did Jason Varitek.
Dice-K, who threw 35 pitches in the first, pitched nice clean second and third innings and appears to be back on track.
By the way, Julio’s second error in the first inning was changed to a hit by official scorer Mike Petraglia. That’s bad news for Dice-K because now all five runs are earned.


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