Curt on Clemens

Make no mistake, Curt Schilling would love to have Roger Clemens on his team.

Schilling posted an update on his blog today making it clear how he feels about Roger Clemens and the current Red Sox pitching staff.

“No one is a bigger fan of what he’s [Clemens] done than I am,” wrote Schilling on his blog ( “I’ve said repeatedly that I think he’s the greatest pitcher that’s ever played. There is not [a] team he doesn’t make better but we had no control over him coming here.”

Schilling wrote that Red Sox players didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about what team Clemens would end up on if and when he returned to the major leagues.


“This game is hard enough worrying about the things you can control much less the things you can’t,” wrote Schilling. “We have a very very good team. I think we have the best staff in the game right now.”

If the Red Sox had been successful in signing Clemens, Schilling would have had to say goodbye to someone else on the staff. “Bottom line is if you are in our clubhouse wishing we had Clemens you are basically telling a teammate you suit up with every day that we’re better off without you,” Schilling wrote.

“The guy will retire as the greatest pitcher that ever lived,” wrote Schilling. “He wanted to go to NY, done deal. I can’t stress it enough, it was a non-issue before yesterday and is a non-issue today. We had no control over him coming or going so it was never more than weight room chatter.”

According to Schilling, having another star pitcher on the team would not have been an issue.

Schilling wrote that he would not have had a problem sharing the spotlight with Clemens or any other pitcher that could help the team. “I’d have loved to pitch with Roger Clemens,” wrote Schilling. “On a personal level it would have meant I was teammates with 3 of the greatest pitchers [Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens] to ever play the game. I’ve never ever cared about the ’spotlight’ as it pertains to that sort of thing.”


Schilling thinks Texan Josh Beckett, off to a great start this season, will be the pitcher from Texas to watch in the years ahead.

“I’ll take the Texan we got and pit him against anybody in the game over the next 5-10 years. He’s special and starting to show people a glimpse of what he’s going to be.”

Schilling believes the Sox are in a position to win the World Series with or without Roger Clemens. “If Roger Clemens in NY means the Sox don’t win the World Series this year then we weren’t the world series caliber team we thought we are, and we believe we are.”

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