Let me try to make myself clear

When the head man from the Burger Writing Courses is e-mailing you, there’s a chance that more than one person might be having a problem with something you wrote. So, allow me to clear up any confusion about Josh Beckett winning his first seven starts, and Roger Clemens winning his first 14 decisions in 1986.

Beckett has won his first seven starts. Every time he has pitched, the win has gone to him. The club record for most consecutive starts won is 8.

Clemens won his first 14 decisions, not starts, in ’86. He won his first five starts, then on May 9 took a 5-2 lead into the ninth against Oakland, but the Athletics tied the score in the bottom of the ninth. No decision for Clemens. The Sox won in the 10th; the Steamer, Bob Stanley, got the win.


Clemens then won his next nine starts before losing, 4-2, to Toronto, on July 2.

Capiche? Thank you, Mr. Burger.

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