Beckett update

Josh Beckett will be re-evaluated on Thursday by the Red Sox medical staff.

Based on a few conversations I’ve had today with various officials the way it might go down is Beckett will miss Friday’s scheduled start against Atlanta, but the team is trying to hold off on placing Beckett on the disabled list.

The Red Sox have been receiving plenty of advice on how to treat Beckett’s skin separation on his right middle finger – everything from pickle juice to cow well, things that are too disgusting to mention.

The Sox have sought the advice of a burn specialist from Mass. General Hospital to possibly suggest a method to close the cut and prevent it from returning.


The Sox do not appear to be overly concerned about a long-term problem, but they are expected to play this one cautiously in hopes Beckett doesn’t have to miss considerable time as he did in Florida.

As I mentioned, they are trying to avoid the disabled list and by Thursday they feel they’ll have a better understanding of whether that’s possible.

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