Papelbon shuts door

Seven pitches, seven strikes, two whiffs.

Sean Casey, recently selected by his fellow players in a Sports Illustrated poll as the nicest guy in the big leagues, is the hitter.

Swing and a miss, then ball one.

Check swing foul, 1 and 2.

The crowd, announced as 36,767, on its feet.

Fastball inside, Casey turns away. 2 and 2

Jonathan Papelbon, cap tugged down, lip pulled in, looking like someone just stole his lunch money.

Casey, check swing foul back.

Paps to the plate, Casey swings, sharp ground ball to Julio Lugo, over to first. Paps, fist pump.

Sox 2, Tigers 1.

2 hours 48 minutes and done. Hasta luego.


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