Drew’s right hamstring

I’m going to bring you J.D. Drew’s comments in full from earlier today. He’s out of the lineup, as we’ve already mentioned, but we caught him in the clubhouse before the team went out for batting practice.

Here’s what he had to say…

“Very short term, hopefully. Like I said, it’s one of those situations that I’ve dealing with it for a week and a half, two weeks, and over the last three or four days it’s getting a little bit more irritated as the games go along. I’m just trying to have one of those situations where I get it really treated, try to get it calmed down, so I don’t have a long-term effect with it.”


Have you dealt with this before?

“No, this is completely different, it’s where the hamstring actually attaches a little below the knee, right here. So I’ve got radiating pain when I sprint or do anything like that. It’s getting really, I guess, kind of a tendinitis kind of deal but really irritated. I thought it would be something that would just kind of go away. I’ve never really felt anything like that. We’ve done some treatment, things like that, but I’ve really got to kind of get it calmed down to try to not jeopardize injuring it real bad.”

Was there a particular play last night where it got aggravated?

“No, the first inning as soon as I hit that ground ball and ran to first I could feel that it was probably as bad as it’s been. Then as the game went along, it calms down if I just stand around but if I have to go full speed sprint I kind of feel it start grabbing again. I just mentioned it to Paul [Lessard] on the bench and Tito didn’t want to take any chances with it. Today’s a day of just trying to get everything really, some ice, some heat, try to flush it out and see what happens with it.”



“No, I don’t think it’s anywhere near that bad. That’s what I’m trying to avoid at all costs. Just really trying to get that area, the swelling and the irritation out of that area and continue on without having to go on any DL time.”

Does it affect you in the batter’s box?

“I don’t think so. I don’t notice that it has. It’s just coming out of the box and running sprints, things like that.”

Week and a half, two weeks ago?

“I don’t know. Just talked to the training staff a week and a half or so back. I don’t know exactly when the day was when I first started kind of feeling. It’s just kind of gradually gotten worse and worse. We’re trying to get on top of it today, try to isolate, try to get it calmed down.”


“No, I don’t think. I think we know exactly what we’re dealing with, it’s nothing in the joint, behind, anything like that. It’s just where that hamstring attaches below the knee.”

Could you be in the lineup tomorrow?

“Well I think what we’re going do is really try to kind of figure out where we want to go with this, see how the irritation. If I can get it out of there, absolutely. I’m just trying to not jeopardize a long stint with dealing with this thing. I don’t want to have to fight it all year.”

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