Oakland odds (and ends)

I was down in the Oakland clubhouse after the game, getting postgame comments from the A’s players, and one of the most bizarre and bush league things that I’ve ever heard came out of the mouth of a radio guy, apparently named Kevin the Rat. (No, I am not making that up.) The name, of course, should give you a good idea of his journalistic credibility.

This was directed at Shannon Stewart: “He’s not well-liked by a certain amount of people, either. I’m sure there are some people in your dugout that were real happy to see that.”


The question elicted a perfect response from Stewart, as Stewart didn’t give the guy anything — despite the controversy he was obviously trying to create.

“I don’t know who likes him or not,” Stewart said. “I just know he’s a good pitcher. He does what he does, he goes out there and pitches. I don’t know about the comments that people who don’t like him makes. He’s a good pitcher, bottom line.”

That, of course, followed an even more bizarre question by Kevin the Rat, this one to Mark Kotsay.

“Unofficially, just so you know, there were a lot of people in the press box that were happy that Schilling didn’t get the no-hitter. Any thoughts on his standing in the game?”

The retort from Kotsay: “I’ve got no thoughts on that.”

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