Manny almost gets heave-ho

PHOENIX – You never see Manny Ramirez this hot, but he almost got himself thrown out of the game after his strikeout in the fifth.

Ramirez argued that he foul tipped what was called strike three and that the ball hit the ground, but neither home plate umpire Chris Guccione or first base umpire Chad Fairchild agreed. They saw catcher Chris Snyder catch the tip before it hit the ground.

Manny tossed his helmet and bat and said something. It looked as if Guccione was starting to raise his arm as if to toss him, but held back. Terry Francona stormed out of the dugout and got between manny and umpires and peace was restored.


Meanwhile, Dice-K allowed a run in the fourth. The usual fourth-inning burp. He did keep the damage down after allowing a pair of walks and loading the bases with one out. He managed to strike out Chris Snyder and Big Unit to get out of further problems.

It’s 1-1 in the bottom of the fifth.

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