Objects in the rear view mirror …

We’re a day late in shedding some light on this story, but we figure it’s good fodder for a slow afternoon even the day after it was published.

In yesterday’s New York Times, Murray Chass threw a little water on Red Sox Nation with a column that postulated the following: “At the rate at which the Yankees are slashing into Boston’s lead in the American League East, they will pass the Red Sox in the standings by July 4.”

Sure, the Yankees have gained four games on the Sox in the last 13 days, but to expect them to continue this pace is a little ridiculous, a point Chass acknowledges later in the column while reminding us that when the Yankees rallied from 14½ back to catch the Sox in 1978 it was a slow, deliberate process.


“The point is that even if the Yankees don’t continue to slash gobs of games from Boston’s lead in the coming days or weeks, it doesn’t mean that the Red Sox are safe. Sixteen weeks remain in the season, which is plenty of time for dramatic events to occur.”

Read the rest of Chass’s case for a Yankee comeback in the AL East, then let us know if you’re starting to get concerned about the Bombers approaching in the rear view mirror, even if they’re still a ways off.

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