Extra Bases

Pitching to Bonds?

Here’s what Terry Francona had to say about whether the Red Sox would be pitching to Barry Bonds over the course of this three-day weekend series with the Giants.

Essentially, it was “Maybe, maybe not.”

“I mean we like to win the game,” Francona said. “That would be our goal for the day, which I think is obvious. Sometimes you have to get good hitters out. At the same time I’m not sure if we want him to beat us if we can help it. We’ll try to use some common sense. There’s not a perfect formula for it, but there’s a lot of things that maybe go into it: who’s pitching, who’s up next, who’s swinging well, who isn’t, the score, the outs. Just like everybody. Barry’s done this for a long time, but there are some hitters — Vladimir [Guerrero] — that make you think twice. We’ll do the best we can.”



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