Sox give Schill time off

ATLANTA – In a long and thorough conference call this afternoon the Sox brass decided, with Curt Schilling’s blessing, to have the 40-year-old right-hander go on the disabled list.

The move will be made officially on Friday. According to Terry Francona, because tonight’s game vs. Atlanta is the final game of the series and because tomorrow is an off-day, the Sox will likely back-date Schilling’s 15 days to his last start.

In the meantime, the Sox will use Josh Beckett Sunday in San Diego and Julian Tavarez Monday. The Sox will then need a pitcher for Tuesday, and that could be either someone from Pawtucket (Jon Lester?) or it could be someone from within.


Francona would not describe exactly what Schilling had, though the Sox are referring to it as a sore arm while Schilling has called it tendinitis. The manager reiterated that Schilling would join the team in San Diego over the weekend after he was examined by Dr. Thomas Gill on Friday.

In the meantime, he’s going to rest the shoulder and then join the team so the Sox trainers can work on healing his sore shoulder.

The most important thing is for the Sox to get Schilling back on track so he can be a factor the second half of the season and into the playoffs. Schilling is one of the best post-season pitchers in history which is a main reason he’s on the team and would be a big reason to re-sign him next season.

Francona reiterated that nothing had changed on Schilling’s MRI which means there are no structural concerns.

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