Curt checks in

After an 11-day sabbatical, Curt Schilling posted an entry to his personal blog,, on Saturday.

Schilling gave a quick update on his ailing shoulder (“Rehab is going well and we are making daily strides. The goal right now is to be back on the mound by next weekend.”) and answered a few questions. Here are some highlights from the Q&A, as Schilling addressed potential trades, whether he writes his own blog, and a Yankee fan’s need for a spellcheker (his word, not ours):

Q: Any thoughts on (potential) Sox needs with the trading deadline coming up in the rear view mirror?

A: As of now we are doing ok. Obviously injuries have a major impact on who’s buying and selling at the deadline but this team as it’s comprised right now has been good enough and deep enough to lead the division by 10+ games for most of the year. I don’t know if there is one specific thing we need but I do know they’ll be in on anything they think would make us a better team come October.

Q: I was curious as to whether you have any influence into any of managements decisions regarding trades and whatnot, or if you even bother voicing your opinion on the matters? i just hope we dont send away ellsbury for buerhle at all

A: No we don’t. There will be times when people from the front office might ask certain players about guys they are talking about dealing for, to find out if someone in the clubhouse might know a guy, but they do what they want when they want. They are ultimately the ones responsible.

Q: Do you “write” you own blog? It feels like you do, as opposed to Youk’s blog and Papi’s book: Which both have the feeling of being a transcription of some sort. Along the same lines: Do you travel with a laptop? Is it part of the gear – like your glove and uniform – or do you carry it yourself? And finally: Do you use a Mac or a PC?

A: I do, for better or worse, write this all myself. Though a few times I have wished someone else could have fallen on the sword, but no, it’s all mine. I do travel with a laptop, a Vodoo.I use both. I learned the Mac, Quark, Photoshop and other stuff while doing work for Multi-Man Publishing ( and I’ve always gamed on the PC.

Q: Why is it evertime you start getting hammered you make an excuse? First the Yankees crush you in game two of the ALCS in 04 and you come back with the fake bloody sock? Now every team is hammering you and you go for an MRI? Can’t you just face it you are done? Even when you pitch well vs the Devil Rays of the world the Yankees crush you.

Go work for Fox or whatever you need to do to feed your ego. And jus go away!!!

A: That’s the best you can do? Yankee fans everywhere should be ashamed to call you a member. Oh and install a spellcheker.

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