Missing some hits

Curt Schilling was up bright and early in Southern California this morning to talk about his return to the rotation and last night’s loss to the Angels.

“It’s about winning,” Schilling said during his weekly appearance on sports radio WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan show. “We score two, three, whatever, you gotta give up one or two … in the four to five hundred times I’ve gone over that game in my head right now, it comes down to three or four pitches.”

On a night filled with questionable umpiring calls, Schilling — who was charged with four runs in six-plus innings — said that’s just part of the game that the Sox must overcome.


“It’s one of those things, the umpiring and calls and stuff like that, when you’re on a good team, you’re good enough to give yourself a cushion, and not get beat by one [bad call],” Schilling said.

The big righthander also addressed the inconsistent Red Sox offense, which only produced a Kevin Youkilis two-run homer last night.

“Offensively, we’re at a point right now where we’re not as consistent as we normally are, and those things [umpire calls] take on … they’re bigger, they’re a bigger deal when you’re not consistently putting runs on the board, and when you’re trying to make things happen.”

Schilling said this lineup is capable of putting up a lot of runs, but it hasn’t come together for most of this season.

“We could go out today and score 14 runs, and no one would be like ‘oh my God, what a shock,’ our offense is that capable. It’s just for some reason, and it’s pretty much been all year, we haven’t jelled offensively top to bottom. But as a pitcher, you can’t allow that to dictate your pitch selection, or any of that stuff, but it doesn’t affect me.”

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