A few things…..

NEW YORK – By now you have uniform-gate stuff in previous blogs. Here’s a few other items:

* Amalie Benjamin reports that Bobby Kielty took 50 swings in the batting cage before the game and is available to be used off the bench.

* Alex Cora is playing shortstop today just to add a left-handed stick against Chien-Ming Wang.

* Terry Francona thinks Coco Crisp’s latest dip (.220, 26-for-118) in his last 32 games is due to fatigue. Crisp was batting second.

* Mike Mussina finally addressed the media concerning his recent demotion.

“For someone who has been in a rotation for 17 years, it took me a little bit off guard. I needed a couple of days to simmer down. I was mad. I’m still not excited about it. It bothered me quite a bit. I’m just mad at the whole thing,” Mussina said.


Mussina said he wasn’t upset with Joe Torre, as the two hashed it out yesterday. “It was good to get that stuff off my chest,” he said.

Mussina, who was replaced in the rotation by rookie Ian Kennedy, who will make his first start Saturday vs. Tampa Bay, said he has been battling a hamstring injury the entire season, but said he wasn’t using that as an excuse. he just said it’s been difficult to pitch with it.

Here’s the Yankee lineup:


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