O’s lineup, and injury updates

A lot going on today with the Sox back at home after getting swept in the Bronx, and your trusty intern is here to bring it all to you. We’ll start with the O’s lineups, you can see the Boston nine in Steve’s post below:

1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Corey Patterson, CF
3. Nick Markakis, RF
4. Miguel Tejada, SS
5. Kevin Millar, DH
6. Aubrey Huff, 1B
7. Melvin Mora, 3B
8. Ramon Hernandez, C
9. Jay Payton, LF

SP: Radhames Liz, RHP

A few notes from Terry Francona’s pregame on injuries:

Manny Ramirez had an MRI today, looking at how much fluid was in the area of his strained left oblique, but the results are not back yet. Francona said not to expect him tomorrow, but other than that he wasn’t sure when the Red Sox’ cleanup hitter would return. “These types of things can be a week, they can be two weeks,” Francona said. “You don’t know. … The one thing I’ll promise you is the minute he can play, he will.”


Bobby Kielty, struggling with back pain as well, was still “tender,” according to Francona, but will be available to pinch hit tonight, maybe. It depends, Francona said, on how Kielty loosens up today.

All that being said, there have been fewer injuries this year than last, something Francona said he was thankful for. “Compared to last year, yeah, it’s pretty refreshing,” Francona said. But he noted that the improved farm system has allowed great fill-ins this year when people did go on the DL, such as Kason Gabbard (since traded) and Jacoby Ellsbury. “Sometimes those kinds of [injuries] aren’t as damaging because of what those guys are able to do,” Francona said.

When asked about his reaction to the Yankees’ denial that Joba Chamberlain was throwing at his head, Kevin Youkilis politely declined comment.

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