September, the season of call-ups

Ah, September. If you’re like me, the month immediately calls to mind Major League Baseball roster expansions. And it begins in a matter of hours. As of Sept. 1 teams can use anyone on the 40-man roster in games, as opposed to the usual 25. Terry Francona said this afternoon that the Sox will bring up three players tomorrow, and the remainder when the Triple A season ends Sept. 3. Jacoby Ellsbury and Jon Lester are expected to be among the call-ups, but no formal announcement has been made. Francona said general manager Theo Epstein might discuss details after tonight’s game.


Minor league coaches also sometimes make September appearances, and Francona said Pawtucket manager Ron Johnson likely will join the team in the near future. The team will try to balance rewarding Johnson with some time with the big club and letting him have some rare time with his family. “Plus he does help,” Francona said. “He throws BP and his attitude is kind of appreciated by everybody. He is very welcome.”

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