Will Chamberlain be suspended?

Yankees phenom Joba Chamberlain could face suspension by major league baseball after throwing two errant pitches over Kevin Youkilis’ head in the ninth inning of New York’s 5-0 win over Boston yesterday. The decision will likely be made by Bob Watson, the league’s disciplinary czar.

Vice president of umpiring Mike Port said today that he was pleased with the way his umpiring crew reacted to both controversial calls — Youkilis running out of the baseline and in dealing with Chamberlain after he threw the pitches.

“I was extremely pleased on both counts,” Port said. “Our home plate umpire, Angel Hernandez, followed the guidelines which are spelled out in the umpires handbook. Basically, the rule respects the ability and control of major league pitchers and we determine that if there’s a pitch thrown at a hitters head, it’s done with purpose.”


While Port said he had no idea whether Watson would rule. It’s rare that the commissioner’s office would back up an umpires decision to throw a pitcher out of a game. There were also plenty of post-game comments and comments mad eon the field during the incident that will also be considered.

The Yankees insisted that Chamberlain was not throwing at Youkilis. Chamberlain said the same. Port, however, indicated Hernandez did give Chamberlain the benefit of the doubt after the first errant pitch, just in case it did get away. But Port felt Hernandez acted appropriately after the second errant pitch.

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