Lineups, pregame stuff

So, Clay Buchholz, kind of a big deal. Terry Francona spoke some about the kid this morning, with some other business. But first, lineups. Julio Lugo gets the day off because Alex Cora has had a lot of success against O’s starter Daniel Cabrera and J.D. Drew is feeling better after fouling a ball off his foot two nights ago and coming out of the game. Other than that, a lot of folks getting a day off after a night game.

Red Sox:
1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
2. Alex Cora, SS
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Mike Lowell, 3B
5. J.D. Drew, RF
6. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
7. Brandon Moss, LF
8. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
9. Kevin Cash, C


SP: Jon Lester

1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Corey Patterson, CF
3. Nick Markakis, RF
4. Miguel Tejada, SS
5. Kevin Millar, 1B
6. Aubrey Huff, DH
7. Melvin Mora, 3B
8. Ramon Hernandez, C
9. Jay Payton, LF

SP: Daniel Cabrera

Other notes from pregame:

Eric Gagne’s shoulder has been a little tender, and “for the next couple of days you might not see Gagne,” according to Mr. Francona. Seems he worked a little too hard in side sessions to regroup from his disastrous start with the Sox. Francona downplayed the injury, saying it wouldn’t be too long before Gagne is ready to be back.

Francona talked a little bit about Daisuke Matsuzaka getting an extra day of rest, thanks to Buchholz, and the fact that he performs better on five days rest than four. He pitched on five days in Japan, and Francona acknowledged that’s probably why he does better with that here. Still, Francona isn’t worried about his fatigue. “To me, he looks like there’s plenty left,” Francona said. “He looks like a guy we can lean on later in the year.”

As you might be able to guess, Clay the Magnificent was the talk of most of this morning’s 14 minute chat with the press. A few choice musings from Francona:


“My concern was he’d be up around 110, 115 [pitches] with a no-hitter, getting into an area he has no business getting into. That was the concern. I kind of told Theo [Epstein], ‘You can come out here and take him out.’ And I was kidding, but you get the idea. You don’t want to ever, I don’t want to take him out of that game. But we also have a responsibility not to ruin his career, so it would, have had to have gotten a little sloppy for him to come out. I can tell you that Millsy [bench coach Brad Mills] would have had a heck of a time taking him out because I don’t think I would have really wanted to do it.” …

“I’m still getting to know him a little bit. You’ve got to remember last time he pitched he was here three hours and then he left. And that’s part of the fun about geting to know the young players. Today you get a chance to maybe sit and talk to him. Last night he had every person in the world trying to get at him. By the time I got to him he was all sticky, he had beer all over him. He can go enjoy himself. We’ll get a chance to talk to him.” …

On how he’ll use Buchholz the rest of the season:
“There are some guildelines that have been in place about his innings through player development, which makes sense. For us to ignore that now that he gets here and throws a no-hitter wouldn’t be smart. Saying that, we’re trying to win. Theo and I were talking about it last night and we finally came to the conclusion, ‘You know what, let’s go home and talk about this tomorrow,’ because everybody was on Cloud 9 last night and that’s not a good way to make judgements. … But we do need to be practical about his usage because it’s still development and we’ll see. I really don’t know the answer to that right now.”


I’ll be back with more when the game starts. Enjoy your Sunday.

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