Down to 2.5 games

Yup, that’s the AL East lead, as long as the Yankees don’t blow their 12-0 lead on the Orioles.

With Eric Gagne allowing three runs in the eighth inning, the Sox lost another game to the Blue Jays here in Toronto. The only good news is that, right now, the Tigers are losing to the Indians. (Though, of course, that win would bring the Indians closer to the Red Sox record in the American League.)

Gagne appeared to rely too much on his fastball, which wasn’t getting over the plate, in his stint. But we’ll see what he — and Jason Varitek — have to say about the outing.

Julio Lugo did hit a solo home run with two outs in the ninth to bring the score to 4-3, but Jacoby Ellsbury ended the game (against reliever Scott Downs) with a strikeout looking on a curveball.


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