In the moments after Eric Gagne gave up the tying and winning runs in last night’s game, I got 37 emails from desperate fans upset about what had just happened. Clearly, there was some anger.

The interesting thing, for me, was that few fans were angry at Gagne. (Though there were certainly a few of those, including threats of violence. It’s just a game. Please remember that.) But mostly people writing to me were upset with Terry Francona. The move to keep Gagne in the game, explained in a story by my colleague Gordon Edes today, was not very popular.


Gagne looked physically exhausted when he spoke to us last night, with his voice barely above a whisper, almost because he couldn’t talk any louder. It was a very rare sight for a player after a game. He seemed beat up, which, I guess, he has been.

Jon Lester, by the way, was not in the clubhouse postgame. His clothes were gone from his locker and it appeared he had taken the first bus (almost immediately after the game) back to the hotel.

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