Dice-K in Game 2

Terry Francona confirmed today that Josh Beckett will pitch Game 1 of the ALDS against the Angels on Wednesday, Daisuke Matszaka will pitch Game 2 on Friday, and Curt Schilling will pitch Game 3 on Sunday.

“I’ve known Schill a long time, what makes him tick what makes him go,” Francona said. “I don’t really have any qualms about it or we wouldn’t have done it. … I really think we’re doing the right thing.”

The Angels have never faced Matsuzaka.

“The unfamiliarity definitely favors the pitcher the first time around,” Francona said.

Tim Wakefield will begin the series in the bullpen, Francona said.


“Wake knew how we were leaning, and he understands,” Francona said. “Wake never varied and the team comes first, so that’s how that will be handled. He’ll start in the bullpen, and from there we’ll figure it out.”

Amalie Benjamin will check in with more in a bit.

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