Theo’s roster thoughts

Sox GM Theo Epstein was asked if he had spoken to the players about the ALDS roster.

“We did a little bit of it earlier, we’ll finish it up later today,” Epstein said this morning on sports radio WEEI. “We’re not 100 percent sure we’re going to announce it [roster] today. It depends. I’ll get with the Angels, if they’re ready to announce, then we’ll both announce it at the same time but if not, it’s not technically due until 10 a.m. tomorrow, so we don’t want to tip our hand unless the other team does as well.”

  • Theo on the pitching staff:

    “With five games in eight days, you probably only need three starting pitchers. It makes sense to have a fourth pitcher who can start in case of… knock on wood… in case of injury or in case of a rainout which we probably won’t get because the weather looks decent here and we’re obviously playing in Southern California. It’s always good to have one more starter than you need… you probably only need 10 pitchers in a five game series.”

  • More roster thoughts from Theo:

    “You can argue later on in a seven game series that you need 11 [pitchers], and then the position players will really break down in a way that reflects how Tito’s going to use the players. So we have someone on there who can pinch run and you want to make sure you have enough protection at those positions for the players for whom you’re gonna pinch run, you want to build your roster in a way that protects you from the strengths of the other team, and allows you to exploit any of their weaknesses.”

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