Not much happening … still

It’s Day 4 of no games here at Fenway Park (and for the Red Sox) and it seems those around the park might be getting a bit restless. In that, I include the players, the media, and the fans.

But the Red Sox are currently taking batting practice here at a semi-damp ballpark, with hordes of media (much of it in from out of town) watching and documenting every move. (Just like us, except we’re here for the duration.)

Dustin Pedroia came out of the door that goes to the showers and the lounge upstairs at one point, and was faced with perhaps 30 to 40 people surrounding John Farrell, who was giving an impromptu press conference in the clubhouse. Pedroia muttered a surprised expletive, and retreated back to the safety behind the curtain.

Terry Francona, Josh Beckett, and Jason Varitek hit the stage at 1:45 p.m. this afternoon.


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