From Jacobs Field…

We’ve (and by “we” I mean “I”) arrived here at Jacobs Field early for tonight’s Game 3 between the Red Sox and Indians. The press box is gradually filling up (it’s much bigger than the one at Fenway Park) as gametime draws closer.

On the walk over I noticed quite a few Indians shirt, though probably an equal number of Browns shirts. People around here are pretty darn excited about their 3-3 Browns. Today’s early sports discussion among those who know — yes, that would be sportswriters — centered around the sports experience lately in Boston vs. Cleveland/Ohio.


Though the edge probably has to go to Boston (with the success of the Patriots, Red Sox, the new faces on the Celtics, and BC), Cleveland’s not far behind (Indians, 3-3 Browns, Cavaliers in the Finals, and Ohio State).

As for the weather, the gray skies of this morning are breaking up to reveal some blue filtering through. It’s in the mid-60s here, though weather reports predict the temperatures sinking to the mid-50s by tonight. Nice day for a game, at least at this moment.

We’ll be back with more later.

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