Curt in the car …

Curt Schilling said today that he got in a minor fender-bender before his Game 6 start last Saturday. And the big Sox righty said it was all his fault.

“…A little fender-bender on the way to the ballpark,” Schilling confirmed on Boston sports radio WEEI this morning. “I wasn’t [paying attention], actually. I was actually, believe it or not, I was thinking about the game and just kind of … not paying attention, and I pulled up to a light, and I went to step on the brake, and the carpet on the floor of my driver’s side, was angled up over my brake pedal, and when I stepped on the brake pedal, it slid off and I put my foot on the gas, and rear-ended the guy.


“You couldn’t tell… I hit him on his end, but…,” Schilling said, downplaying the collision. “I was thinking to myself on the way in, ‘I really hope that I gave away all my bad luck today.'”

  • Winning through chemistry

    Schilling said that when the team’s back was to the wall in Cleveland, the players came together and did what he expected in the next three must-win games.

    “That really was the first time, to me, we had to win or our season was over,” Schilling said. “And I think we responded the way we expected to respond. And the thing I took away from those three games more than anything was, there was some chemistry and some bonding and some team stuff that happened over those couple days that just don’t happen until you’re in those situations. it was a pretty neat thing to see.”

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