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Curt Schilling provided an update on some contact he’s had with other teams in his blog today:

So the first day of Free Agency begins. I cannot divulge names because the teams involved asked that I not do so at this point, but the first day resulted in initial contact with 3 teams. Kind of weird to be doing this with no agent but at the same time pretty cool. All three discussions were very informal, with the clubs expressing interest in potentially working together next year. Two of the teams were on the list of teams mentioned earlier, one was not.

I made it clear to all three teams that my intent was to do whatever I could to resolve this and remain in Boston for the final year of my career. The only question asked beyond the initial conversations were to my desires about the contract, and whether or not I truly wanted a one year deal or was looking for more.

That has not changed, we are still only looking to sign a one year contract and I can’t envision a scenario where that would change.

Ed Wade, GM of the Houston Astros, a team not on Schilling’s initial list of possible destinations, made contact with Curt on Wednesday:

“It’s hard to walk past somebody like Curt,” Wade said. “He’s shown he’s not only a big game pitcher, but from a personal standpoint, I know he’s the most prepared pitcher I’ve been around in a long time.”

Wade was the GM of the Phillies and traded Schilling to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa, Travis Lee, and Vicente Padilla in July 2000, more than a year before the veteran righthander could have been a free agent.

“In retrospect, I would have held on to Schilling,” Wade said in a September telephone interview. “It would have been better if I ignored his trade demand one more time and run the risk of only getting draft picks” if he left via free agency.


Back in the 1990s, Wade made the infamous remark that “Schilling is a horse every fifth day and a horse’s [behind] the other four.”’

One of the teams on Schilling’s list, the Brewers, is planning to make contact with Curt as well according to a Brewers Blog update in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:

“It’s nice to see we’re on the baseball map,” said Brewers GM Doug Melvin, who has tried to build the Brewers to a point where big-name free agents would be interested in coming to Milwaukee.

“We have players expressing interest in our club now. We’re open to (talking to Schilling). I’m always open to some one who is interested in us. I’m not interested in players who aren’t interested in us.

“I’ll call his guy and tell him to keep us in mind. You can’t talk contracts with free agents (from other teams) until the 13th.”

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