Coco on the brain

ORLANDO – It’s been fairly quiet here today at the GM’s meetings as executives and scouts continue to trickle in from all over.

There have been several teams wondering which way to go with their center field situation and the name most often mentioned is Coco Crisp.

The reason is the expense of the other available free-agent center fielders, including Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones, Aaron Rowand, and Mike Cameron. Crisp is relatively cheap, young and can run. Among the teams linked to Crisp include Minnesota, Houston, Texas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, the Chicago White Sox, and San Diego. There are likely others as well.


The White Sox seem interested in Crisp but there’s a lot of Johnny Damon-for-Joe Crede talk here between the White Sox and Yankees. The White Sox need to get a name player and Damon is definitely one player they’re considering strongly.

Agent Scott Boras, who represents Alex Rodriguez, among others, was seen briefly in the lobby when he had his team came back from a workout shortly after noon but has not been seen since.

Many of the assistant GMs and analytical types were taking part in arbitration meetings most of the morning and early afternoon. That’s where they discuss paramaters for salaries each arbitration-eligible player should earn.

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