Talk, talk, talk

The clock seems to be ticking on the Mike Lowell negotiations with a possible resolution getting closer. Theo Epstein and the Levinson Brothers, Lowell’s agents, continued their negotiations Saturday, but as of early evening there had been no conclusion.

One side characterized the talks as “status quo.” It appears that the ball is squarely in Lowell’s court. The third baseman must decide whether to take the Sox’ offer – which is still believed to be three years – or continue to test the waters. The Red Sox likely need an answer soon so they can proceed with their Plan B if they haven’t already done so.


There were still no obvious escape hatches for Lowell. The Yankees’ first-base option has dried up according to ESPN, which still leaves both the Angels and Dodgers and the possibility that the Phillies could reserve the right to change their mind and go after Lowell, who is perfectly suited for their ballpark and lineup.

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