Santana needs extension to waive no-trade

Any deal made for Johan Santana would require that the coveted lefthander receive a contract extension before he’d be willing to waive a no-trade clause, according to a source close to the trade talks. The teams would have to agree to a deal and a window of time would be granted for the new team and Santana to agree to a deal. At least those were the Johan Rules as of late Thursday night.

As of early evening last night Santana’s agent had not yet begun negotiating with any team regarding a contract extension for the Minnesota Twins’ prized lefthanded starter, according to a major league source.


If contract discussions were underway, that would be a sign that a trade had been agreed to. Santana can be a free agent after next season, and securing him long term would seem to be critical for any team willing to part with top prospects and more. Evidently. it’s also an important component for Santana.

The Red Sox appear to be heavily involved, according to the source. Also in the hunt are the Yankees, Angels, Dodgers and possibly the Seattle Mariners.

According to a couple of major league sources, the Sox would be willing to part with lefthander Jon Lester over Clay Buchholz and minor league pitcher Michael Bowden over minor league pitcher Justin Masterson. The Sox prefer the Twins take Coco Crisp over Jacoby Ellsbury but if they did that means the Sox would have to kick in another significant prospect. While sources did not confirm a name, ESPN reported it might be shortstop Jed Lowrie.

The Twins are still trying to sort out who is willing to offer what. The Yankees are still very much in the hunt, with their talks centering around Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano. The Angels appear to have the ability to make a deal quicker than anyone else because they have talented young players and an abundance of pitching after they acquired Jon Garland from the White Sox in exchange for former Red Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera.

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