Santana not the only focus

With the deadline for offering arbitration to the team’s six remaining free agents (Eric Gagne, Mike Timlin, Matt Clement, Doug Mirabelli, Bobby Kielty, and Eric Hinske) coming tomorrow night at midnight, the Red Sox have had to keep a divided focus, both on the machinations of the Johan Santana trade options and their own free agents.

“We’re still hoping to address the bench and the bullpen, either at the winter meetings or shortly thereafter,” Epstein said today on a conference call. “But just because we’re focused on those two elements doesn’t mean we’re going to look past other opportunities. We’re going to be aggressive. Whether anything gets done, I wouldn’t be comfortable hazarding a guess. We’re really pleased with the position that we’re in.”


That’s not to say that the Red Sox aren’t continuing their pursuit of the biggest name on the trade market, Santana. Though the names that could be sent to Minnesota have been fluid, the most discussed have been Jon Lester, Coco Crisp, Jed Lowrie, and Michael Bowden/Justin Masterson.

Masterson said, in an email late last night, that he has not yet heard anything from his agent regarding the possibility of being traded.

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