Oye Como Va (Oops, wrong Santana)

That number, of course, was made famous by John W. Henry’s guitar-playing buddy, Carlos Santana, who actually played and recorded in Henry’s personal studio once at Henry’s mansion in Boca Raton.

The pitching Santana, Johan, remains a person of interest to Henry and the Sox, but no more than that. Sox GM Theo Epstein, made what for him was a rare appearance among the masses this afternoon, strolling about with assistant Jed Hoyer for the exercise, if nothing else. Epstein wasn’t giving up anything; he cracked that they were headed back to the suite to try to make a deal for a Double-A third baseman in 2012. Epstein has been in phone contact with Twins GM Bill Smith, but I don’t think they’ve had a face-to-face yet. Perhaps tonight. The Sox have arranged for the Boston media to meet a little more formally with the Sox GM in about 90 minutes. Not expecting anything, but we’ll keep you posted. Twins people, BTW, are very high on pitching prospect Justin Masterson, who they see possessing terrific setup potential.


Yankees GM Brian Cashman, meanwhile, was expected to arrive momentarily and was expected to pay a call to Smith at the earliest convenience. While the Boston.com poll still runs about 80 percent plus against trading Jacoby Ellsbury, a number of e-mailers have weighed in to make their case for Santana. Typical was one from Robert Lopez, who writes:

More of a comment than a question, but here we go again with Red Sox Nation becoming overly emotional about an expendable part. Think of it in this way: It can be reasonably assumed that Ellsbury’s ceiling of success can be no higher than “Ichiro status”. Assuming he reaches that point in his career, in the same amount of time Santana will be much more valuable. He is the best pitcher in baseball, and Ichiro is not the best batter in baseball. Would I love to have an “Ichibury” hitting lead off with 200 hits and 120 runs with 30 SB’s a year? Of course! Would I love to have a Santana, Beckett, Matsuzaka, Buchholz, Masterson/Bowden over the next 6 years even more? You betcha!”

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