Groundhog Day

NASHVILLE — We’re about to head into the annual managers’ luncheon with the media, and there are no indications as of yet that the Twins are ready to close a deal with the Sox for Johan Santana.

The Sox’ late-night group session did not produce any substantive developments, and the Sox seem to be in a holding pattern, waiting to see whether Twins GM Bill Smith is prepared to accept one of their offers. There is nothing, of course, that says Smith must make that decision here in Nashville, although presumably the Twins would like to proceed on to other business if they’re going to give up Santana.


We’ll try to keep you informed of the latest; in the meantime, if you have the time, check out Curt Schilling’s blog,, in which he offers an interesting take on the prospective deal and how it impacts the parties involved.

Terry Francona, who had a roundtable chat with national reporters this morning, couldn’t resist shooting a zinger at Schilling. When asked his thoughts on Schilling and Mike Lowell leaving money on the table, Francona said: “It may the first time Schill has ever left anything on the table.”

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