Sign of the times for Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury, who survived the winter meetings and remains the hot property of the Red Sox, will be appearing in Boston today, and in North Attleborough tomorrow, in a couple of autograph signing events.

Ellsbury will be appearing at the F.Y.E. store at 411 Washington Street Boston, at 4 p.m. today to sign copies of the Red Sox 2007 World Series DVD.

Ellsbury is also signing autographs tomorrow at Emerald Square Mall in North Attleborough at Sports Treasures, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. It will cost fans $125.00 to get a baseball or photograph (up to 16×20) signed by the Sox rookie outfielder (you provide the item). For $150.00, Ellsbury will autograph a baseball bat or jersey/shirt.


Ellsbury will not be posing for photographs at the Sports Treasures signing, according to store owner David Paulhus, but you may be allowed to take a picture of the Sox rookie signing items.

And at this hour, there has been no indication that Ellsbury’s agent, the venerable Scott Boras, will be appearing at either of the signing events.

In a comments section posting on Curt Schilling’s site this afternoon, a poster was “somewhat taken aback/astounded” at the news of the Ellsbury appearances this weekend.

“Granted, I’m sure that there are many that will gladly pony up, and many ’sports collectible’ dealers that will also,” someone under the the user name marcomarco wrote. “He [Ellsbury] may be in another market soon, and might as well ‘Get while the getting’s good’, but he hasn’t played enough to even qualify as a rookie!”

Schilling was asked about player appearances and autograph fees.

“Players and their agents negotiate appearance fees,” Schilling wrote. “The agent generally takes a percentage. I no longer do public signings where cash is required at the autograph table, it’s way too messy and uncomfortable.

“I have a lady named Katie Leighton who handles my off the field PR/Marketing that oversees this stuff. The only signings we’ve done since 2004 involved ALS or Shade. I signed a private exclusive deal after the 2004 season with Steiner Sports that allowed me to not have to do these public events if we chose not to. I don’t ‘charge’ for autographs in that sense since I don’t do these shows anymore. Many of the outlets to sign autographs have removed the player/fan thing that autographs began as. It’s horribly uncomfortable.”


Read Schilling’s latest entry entitled “Fonts and Grammar” and the comments section postings here. survey: Is $125.00 too much to pay for Ellsbury’s autograph?

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