Sox keep their kids

If the Mets can now work out a contract with Johan Santana over the next 72 hours, it appears all of Boston’s top prospects are safe and sound.

In the end the Yankees and Red Sox would have to be happy with the results if indeed the Mets can complete the trade with the Twins by locking up Johan Santana contractually after sending what appears to be four prospects to the Mets in a deal first reported by USA Today.

Sure, the Mets could steal the back pages from the next few days but both Yankee GM Brian Cashman and Sox GM Theo Epstein have been very adament about wanting to build with their kids. Now both super powers can do so.


E-mails which have come through here have been in support of the Sox growing with Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, Jacoby Ellsbury, Justin Maserson and Jed Lowrie. Now that can happen. Already we’ve received E-mails from Sox fans breathing a sigh of relief.

Now the question is will the Sox deal Coco Crisp or try to keep him as an extra outfielder?

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