Morning at the Fort

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Just got back from a morning spent at the Sox minor league complex, where we spotted Josh Beckett, Clay Buchholz, Jon Lester, Daisuke Matsuzaka, and Hideki Okajima, among numerous minor leaguers.

Beckett wasn’t quite in the mood to talk, heading off to do his workouts, but Buchholz and Matsuzaka both stopped for a chat. Though Buchholz claimed to have put on about 10 pounds since the end of last season, it’s hard to see the weight gain. He doesn’t look a lot different, still pretty svelte.

Matsuzaka, meanwhile, has turned his Mohawk from last season into something of a mullet. It’s definitely a party in the back.


I’ll be coming back with some words of wisdom from both pitchers, who figure to be even more crucial to the club in the wake of the Curt Schilling news from last week.

So sit back, keep clicking “Refresh,” and try not to send too many bad vibes our way. (Yes, it’s in the 80s here in Fort Myers today, though rain is expected for the next two days. I know you’re extremely sympathetic.)

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