‘Like a 500-pound fat man’

Umm, yeah.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, I couldn’t exactly draw on experience, but that was how Craig Hansen described his snoring before his early November surgery to correct his sleep apnea. He said roommates and others privy to his snoring told him that’s the sound he made, likely in between throwing pillows at him to get him to stop.

But that’s all over for Hansen, he reported today. He had participated in a sleep apnea study last offseason, which revealed that the pitcher had 56 interruptions in an hour’s worth of sleep. That’s about 50-some odd more than the average person. It led to Hansen getting about two hours of sleep per night, and he often found himself yawning or dozing off at inappropriate times.


In fact, the Red Sox brass called him in to discuss it, at which point he let them in on what was happening. So he had the three-hour procedure at Massachusetts Eye and Ear in Boston this offseason, ended up with a soft cast on his nose, and didn’t throw until early January after his recovery.

He said he feels much better now, far less tired. He got up this morning at 6 a.m., before heading over to the player development complex. Didn’t have anything better to do.

That’s good news for the Sox. And good news for anyone who has to sleep anywhere near Hansen.

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