“Bud Selig Could Have Found Me”

Clemens, after talking about how proud he’d been to wear the USA uniform in the WBC, said that he was unaware Sen. Mitchell and his investigators wanted to talk to him. “Bud Selig could have found me,” he said. “If he knew this man (McNamee) was going to say things to destroy my name, he could have found me.”
Waxman noted that Clemens met with his own investigators before the Mitchell report was issued, and thus had awareness of what McNamee had told Mitchell.
Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Ia.) excoriated McNamee for being a terrible role model in assisting elite athletes in their use of performance-enhancing substances, then chided Clemens for using vitamin B-12 and using McNamee for stuff that would normally be done by a doctor or medical professional. “He told me he had a Ph.D.” Clemens said. “I’m a trusting person.”


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