Davis challenges McNamee on party

Rep. Tom Davis (R., Va.) challenged McNamee about his version of a party Jose Canseco threw for his Toronto teammates at his Miami home, one in which McNamee said Clemens attended and spoke to Canseco about steroids.
Davis noted that Canseco and his wife in sworn affidavits said Clemens was not there, that the team trainer didn’t remember Clemens being there, and the traveling secretary said Clemens was not on the team bus that took players to the party. Clemens also said he was not at the party, that he was golfing that day.
McNamee insisted he saw Clemens at the party, as well as Clemens’s nanny.
Rep. John Tierney (D. Mass.) is now the questioner, and he began by getting McNamee to acknowledge that he was not truthful to police about the 2001 incident, and that he was not truthful to investigators about the number and frequency of injections.
Tierney is now pressing Clemens about an apparent contradiction in his deposition, in which he said he never spoke to McNamee about HGH, but later in his deposition said he had two conversations with McNamee about his wife’s HGH use. Clemens at one point consulted with his attorney, Rusty Hardin, but stumbled through his answers.


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