Raining, pouring

FORT MYERS — OK, so it’s not the Clemens hearing, but in case you’re interested in the goings on down here in Fort Myers, it’s raining.

No sympathy, I’m sure. But it has created one rather amusing anecdote.

Right around 9:30 a.m., the clouds started looking a little ominous. The thunder and lightning were clearly indicating rain was coming. And, yet, Daisuke Matsuzaka remained out on a far bullpen mound without a golf car in sight.

About 15 minutes later, after much of the media had taken refuge in the locker room as the gusts of rain started soaking the facility, Matsuzaka burst through the door, rain dripping off his mullet, his shirt dark red with rain, and his breath short. He had sprinted from the far mound, clearly demonstrating his speed — Masa Hoshino, his interpreter, plus a group of other personnel. He laughed as he walked in.


And speaking of Matsuzaka, the pitcher has been parking his monster white Hummer in a prime parking spot right by the locker room door, while Hoshino has been driving around in … a Kia. Not everyone can be a star starter, I guess.

Back with a little more later, though it’s been a very slow day with the bad weather.

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